Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The method is VERY EASY !!! As easy as ABC:
  • A - Enter your vehicle details and personal details, and send it to us (Your personal information will be protected).
  • B - Wait for the quote via email and whatsapp. Compare prices and pay.
  • C - Compare prices and pay.
If you need any help, visit or call our hotline at any time, we will help you.

MyDFZ will confirm the information with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) or we will contact you.

  • Kurnia Insurance
  • AIG
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allianz
  • Etiqa Takaful
  • Etiqa General Insurance
  • AXA
  • RHB Insurance
  • Tune Insurance
  • Zurich
Don't worry, MyDFZ will remind you 15 days before expiration

All Malaysians who have a vehicle registered with JPJ.

MyDFZ was created by young Malaysians to facilitate the affairs of Malaysians. We like to say MyDFZ is From Malaysia to Malaysia.

With MyDFZ, the process of renewing insurance and road tax will be more SAVING, EASY AND FAST.

Very secure, we protect your personal information and MyDFZ is a highly trusted company.

MyDFZ offers to all personal vehicles and companies registered with JPJ.

Each successful payment will be issued a payment receipt. In the event of an error, our officers are ready to assist online (017-4574001)

During the insurance and road tax renewal process, MyDFZ operator will inform if there is a problem related to the summons with JPJ or PDRM through inspection of the Road Transport Department online service and record of errors in the PDRM database. To proceed with road tax renewal, you will need to pay for accumulated traffic offenses.

MyDFZ supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • FPX Online Banking
  • 7 Eleven
MyDFZ will deliver to your doorstep with the following estimated time: All of North Malaysia- you can be picked up at any DFZ Agency Sdn Bhd kiosk within 1 day, it is not charged.


North Malaysia- RM7.90 (1 working day)
Peninsular Malaysia- RM8.90 (2-3 working days)
Sabah and Sarawak- RM10 (5-7 working days) * According to the rate of documentation delivery service.
Yes !!! because MyDFZ is a user-friendly digital platform. With the web, you can do business to renew insurance and road tax on the other party provided it is done in stages.

Each payment transaction will be printed on the receipt after the insurance and road tax renewal is made, or you can view your previous transaction through the transaction link on your road tax page.

The charges involved are related to insurance renewal, road tax and delivery services

There are several possibilities if your payment is declined. Depending on the problems that occur, among them:

1 - Credit Card
Your credit card status requires you to deal with the bank to make a payment clearance.

2 - Graded System Disruption
If it involves online transactions, it depends on the permission to make the payment, in the event of a network outage, or a technical error in filling in the payment information, please try again if it fails. Or you can contact us for help.

Refunds are assessed based on cases and errors from MyDFZ. And refund will be given if you cancel the transaction within 24 hours. Purchases canceled via debit / credit card will be refunded in cash (within 7-14 working days after the start of the cancellation is made). Purchases made in other payment methods will be refunded in MyDFZ credit. MyDFZ reserves the right to NOT proceed with payment if you have violated our terms and conditions during the collection request. If you have received your insurance cover note, you will need to request a refund to the respective insurance company.

Yes, every successful transaction will be issued an e-service receipt for reference. Please keep the receipt for any reference.

You can call the following number for help from Monday to Saturday between 9.00am to 9.00pm. customer service (017-4574001)

Yes, this online-based service operates 24 hours.

Contact MyDFZ and we will inform you in the right way.

Claims will be based on the current market value of the vehicle. Therefore, MyDFZ recommends that your car be insured based on market value.

Loss of use claim is only for third party claims. Most insurance companies do not adopt a replacement car but at their discretion may give cash on certain claims, Knock for knock refers to a claim due to the negligence of the owner of the insured vehicle: there will be no replacement car.